Geophysical Information For Teachers (GIFT) Workshops

Dr. Michael Wysession, a writing team leader for the Next Generation Science Standards, shares his knowledge and enthusiasm with educators at the 2013 GIFT workshop.

Geophysical Information for Teachers (GIFT) Workshops allow science teachers to hear about the latest geoscience research from the scientists making the discoveries, explore new classroom resources for their students, and visit exhibits and technical sessions of the AGU meeting for free. AGU collaborates with the National Earth Science Teachers’ Association (NESTA) to run GIFT workshops at Fall Meeting. The materials from GIFT 2013 are now available. These include presentations, classroom activities, and other resources. New LEARN videos, which depict the hands-on activities from the workshop, are also available.



2013 AGU GIFT Workshop Presentations

  • Climate Change, Sea Level Rise, and Ocean Acidification, by Dr. Barbara Bruno
  • Estimating How Often Mass Extinctions Due to Impacts Occur on the Earth, by Dr. Bonnie Buratti
  • Exploring Seafloor Sediments Using Real Data, by Drs Lawrence Krissek, Kristen St. John, Megan Jones, Kate Pound, and R. Mark Leckie
  • Polar Science and Engineering: A Model for NGSS Practices, by Linda Morris, Dr. T J Fudge and Kristina Slawny
  • Inspiring Future Scientists in Middle-Schools Through Synergy Between Classroom Learning and Water Cycle Research, by Emily Kellagher and Dr. David Noone
  • The Next General Science Standards – Opportunities for Earth and Space Science Educators, by Dr. Michael Wysession

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GIFT Elsewhere

EGU also holds GIFT workshops. Resources including presentations and video are available here.