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Heads & chairs workshop.

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Since 1997, this forum has discussed important issues common to geophysical science departments, including research funding, program assessment, modernization of post-secondary curricula, increasing faculty diversity, and student career planning. It also holds annual workshops immediately prior to the AGU Fall Meeting and offers webinars throughout the year. This group meets jointly on a biennial basis with the Heads and Chairs of Atmospheric Sciences departments.

See additional resources from NSF Advance Institutional Transformation Grant recipients and from SENCER.

Like to learn more about Heads & Chairs in general? Visit the Building Strong Geoscience Departments website for resources that highlight strategies and tools from the Building Strong Geoscience Departments project.

Or read our Eos article about the Heads & Chairs meeting at Fall Meeting 2011

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2013-2014 Board of the AGU Heads and Chairs of Earth and Space Science Departments
Matthew James, Sonoma State (Chair)
Gary Solar, Buffalo State College (Chair-Elect)
John Geissman, University of Texas at Dallas (Past Chair)
Lydia Fox, University of the Pacific
Neil Iverson, Iowa State University
Katryn Wiese, City College of San Francisco

Heads and Chairs Webinars

AGU Education and AGI Geoscience Workforce Development are collaborating on webinars.

Especially geared towards Earth and space science department heads & chairs, but open to all.

AGU Heads and Chairs Workshops

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