Atmospheric Science Activities

Clouds@NASA – The Useful Pursuit of Shadows
Clouds are a vital part of Earth’s weather and climate – reflecting sunlight, warming the surface, and producing the rain and snow that supports life on the surface. At this exhibit, you can learn how to make your own clouds and how NASA studies clouds from space, featuring data from a number of different NASA missions.

Weather Map Production and Video Forecast
Would you like to learn how weather maps are made? If so, come by to produce and decorate your own using real weather observations. Also, use your new weather maps to star in a video forecast, just like on TV!

Investigating the Oceans, Land and Atmosphere with NASA Mission Data
Explore a vast “garden” of data about the Earth system from NASA missions and learn to use an online tool that makes it easy to understand the data and make satisfying choices for what to examine. The data come from NASA’s GIOVANNI portal and educational supports come from SRI International’s website Data Enhanced Investigations for Climate Change Education (DICCE). Also, use a probe to get a reading of particulate matter in the exhibit hall and compare the results to places around the world, courtesy of Giovanni and DICCE.

NOAA Center for Atmospheric Sciences
NCAS is the NOAA Center for Atmospheric Sciences. NCAS conducts Community Science Fests which serve to demonstrate, explain, and inspire students to explore the wonders of their chemical physical environment. NCAS research focuses on weather, climate, air quality, and their impacts on society.