In 2016, the Geophysical Information For Teachers (GIFT) workshop featured presentations on a variety of topics ranging from exploring science to the human impact on Earthquakes. GIFT is designed to give educators the knowledge and materials they need to bring exciting, current science into their classrooms. Hands-on activities accompany the six presentations below. AGU collaborates with the National Earth Science Teachers’ Association (NESTA) to run GIFT workshops at Fall Meeting.

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GIFT 2016 Presentations

Title: Planet Impact: Galvanize Everyone to Explore Science
Presenters: Dr. Britney Schmidt (Georgia Institute of Technology), Whitney Cobb (McREL International), Theresa Summer (Astronomical Society of the Pacific), Dr. Sanlyn Buxner (Planetary Science Institute), and Dr. Jake Noel- Storr (InsightSTEM)

Title: The Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory Virtual Fieldwork Experience: A Gateway yo NGSS’s Three Dimensional Science
Presenters: Dr. Tim White (Pennsylvania State University), Dr. Don Duggan- Haas (The Paleontological Research Institution), and Sarah Sharkey (Pennsylvania State University)

Title: Can Human Cause Earthquakes? An Argument  Driven Inquiry Lesson to Target 3D- NGSS- Learning
Presenters: Dr. Danielle Sumy (IRIS Consortium) and Michael Hubenthal (IRIS Consortium)

Title: Climate Detectives: Solving a Climate Mystery on the JOIDES Resolution
Presenters: Dr. Sean Gulick (UT- Austin), Alison Mote (UT-Austin), Sharon Cooper (Lamont- Doherty Earth Observatory), and Dr. Katherine Ellins (UT Austin)

Title: Images of a Changing Planet: Using Remote Sensing Data and Images to Investigate Land Surface Changes
Presenters: Dr. John Bailey (Google Geo Education), Dr. Ed Robeck (American Geosciences Institute, Center for Geoscience and Society), Peder Nelson (Oregon State University), Aida Awad (Einstein Distinguished Fellow, Department of Energy), and Dr. Susan Sullivan (University of Colorado)

Title: Earth Cache Demonstration
Presenters: Matthew Dawson (Geological Society of America)

Title: GIS for Earth and Environmental Sciences
Presenters: David DiBiase, Dr. Tom Baker (Esri), and Roger Palmer (Bishop Dunne High School)