Public Lecture

AGU holds an annual public lecture on a hot topic in Earth and/or space science at its annual meeting in San Francisco.

Dr. Michael Meyer, Dr. Bethany Ehlmann, and Alex Longo delivered the Public Lecture at the 2016 Fall Meeting titled How Do We Choose a Landing Site on Mars? on Sunday December 11th. Read more in this Eos article, or check out the calendar event page.

Today we know Mars to be a vast beautiful planet that in many ways is like the American Southwest. It has sweeping vistas and huge mountains with long and wide valleys. In its past Mars had an enormous ocean with a significant atmosphere and it is only by studying this planet on the surface that we will be able to unlock its past and understand how we will live and work on the Red planet in the future. Finding the right landing sites for our robotic and human missions requires an extensive knowledge about the planet. Our panel of experts discussed “how on Earth” we find the right places to go to on Mars.

Missed the lecture? Watch it now at AGU On-Demand!


Dr. Richard Alley, Evan Pugh Professor of Geosciences at Pennsylvania State University, delivered the Public Lecture titled Ice Cores to Smart Phones: The Good News on Energy, the Environment, and Our Future at the 2015 Fall Meeting.  View the recording of the 2015 Public Lecture on AGU On-Demand.

maven-spacecraftWatch the 2014 public lecture by Bruce Jakosky, Roger Yelle, and Sandra Cauffman discussed the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) Mission to Mars at the 2014 Fall Meeting.



Watch the 2013 public lecture by Dr. Lucile Jones, Science Advisor for Risk Reduction with the United States Geological Survey, delivered the American Geophysical Union’s annual public lecture Imagine an America without Los Angeles: Natural Hazards and the Complexity of Urban America at the 2013 Fall Meeting in San Francisco. Read more about Dr. Jones in this Eos article.


Watch our 2012 public lecture Curiosity Driven Mars Exploration including interviews with panelists Michael Meyer, John Grotzinger, and Rebecca Williams.



Andrew FeustelWatch our 2011 public lectureAdventures of a (Geoscientist) Astronaut: Nuts, Bolts, and Repairs in Earth Orbit given by Astronaut Andrew Feustel.