AGU Mentoring Network

Transitioning into the professional arena from a doctoral program or a postdoc can be difficult. The AGU Mentoring Network is an initiative of the College of Fellows that goes beyond traditional mentoring by creating groups that include senior scientist mentors as well as peer mentors, who meet virtually once per month over the course of a year. The goal of the program is to open opportunities and limit the obstacles for early career scientists in the Earth and space sciences. Share your experiences and support fellow burgeoning early career scientists.

Networking at Fall Meeting


-All applicants must be current AGU members in good standing
-Mentor applicants must have completed their PhD at least five years prior to applying
-Mentee applicants must have completed their PhD within five years of applying


Small network groups of two senior scientists and 6 early career scientists will meet for one hour per month through virtual teleconferences for 1 year. At the conclusion of the program, mentees will have the option to remain as a peer group and mentors will have the option to join a new network group.

Virtual Meeting at Coffee Shop2019 Application Timeline
1 May – 7 June – Mentor applications are now closed
10 -June – 3 July – Mentee applications are now closed
August – Mandatory training for new mentors
September – AGU Mentoring Network group calls begin


Program Requirements

Before being accepted into the AGU Mentoring Network program, participants must fill out an online application. All participants must also dedicate one hour per month to virtual group calls in addition to any time necessary to prepare for effective participation and engagement in the calls. Mentors will also be required to attend a mentor training call. All participants will be expected to fill out online evaluations and are highly encouraged to attend Fall Meeting.

Mentoring Resources

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Please contact us you have questions about the AGU Mentoring Network program.