CRAM Sessions

Career and Research Advice Mentorship (CRAM) sessions are informal mentoring sessions similar to office hours. These 20-minute meetings allow all students (high school, undergraduate, and graduate) or early career scientists to connect with seasoned AGU members and ask about graduate school, networking, and career pathways.


FM 15 Career Opportunities Networking Lunch

CRAM mentees:

Registration for CRAM Mentoring at the 2016 Fall Meeting is now available for mentees. These opportunities are designed to help undergraduate and graduate students get the most value out of their experience at the Fall Meeting. An online Sign Up is used for picking a CRAM session: we invite you to peruse the available mentors.  Listed with each mentor is their institution, any additional languages they speak, and a brief description of the work that they do. Sign up online to meet with mentors from a range of disciplines, including scientific leaders, for 20-minute advisory sessions. Potential topics of discussion include advice for applying to graduate school, suggestions of programs and/or advisors to look into, and discussion of careers within and outside of academia as applicable. Students are limited to one CRAM session, if you have any questions, please contact AGU Mentoring.


CRAM mentors: We have now recruited 2016 Fall Meeting attendees to volunteer their time as a CRAM mentor. These mentors spend 1–2 hours in the student/career lounge. Students and early-career scientists will sign up to meet with a CRAM mentor individually for a 20-minute session. Potential topics of discussion include advice for applying to graduate school and finding programs and/or advisors to contact. Mentors may also offer career advice for academic and nonacademic professions. Scientists and professionals in any career stage (early through late) can serve as a CRAM mentor. You can still serve as a CRAM mentor if this is your first Fall Meeting. Applications are now closed.



If you have questions about the mentoring program, contact us. Learn about other mentoring opportunities sponsored by AGU.