Contribute to the Future of Polar Research and Education

From the National Academy of Sciences (NAS):

NAS has convened a committee tasked to develop a vision for U.S. research in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean for the coming decade. Further details on the committee task and membership can be found at the project’s National Academies web site.

We hope to build upon input and ideas submitted directly by the broader research community and to this end, we are soliciting ideas from people involved in various aspects of Antarctic and Southern Ocean research.  This may include researchers in a range of diverse fields, as well as specialists in areas such as public engagement/education and data management. We would like contributors to include early career scientists and students whenever possible.

If you are a polar researcher or educator and would like to provide your input to this committee, please visit the Committee’s ‘virtual town hall’ website.

If you have questions or comments, contact:

Lauren (Brown) Everett
Associate Program Officer

National Academy of Sciences | Polar Research Board
500 5th Street NW, K605, Washington, DC 20001 Tel (202) 334 1753 | Fax (202) 334 3825 | <>