Documenting NASA Education and Public Outreach Impacts

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific is pleased to announce a new Education and Public Outreach thread, “Documenting NASA EPO Impacts,” for their 125th Annual Meeting, “Ensuring STEM Literacy,” taking place in San Jose, CA from 20-23 July 2013.

Their goal is to provide an opportunity to showcase and codify the impacts, measurable metrics, lessons learned, and emerging best practices from nearly two decades of NASA-funded education, public outreach, and educational research and assessment—and the resulting impacts on science education generally, and STEM education in particular for continuing application.

They invite all NASA-funded EPO practitioners to submit abstracts reporting on program metrics and impacts in support of this thread; posters are a particularly appropriate medium for providing this information for individual programs and projects. Ten-minute orals provide another medium for reporting of impacts as long as space remains. They will also consider one-hour workshops and special interest group sessions on thematic topics on a space-available basis.

ASP has already invited the leads of the four NASA Science Education and Public Outreach Forums(SEPOFs), representing the astrophysics, heliophysics, planetary science and earth science EPO communities, to present a joint plenary session on this thread during the meeting, and are planning supporting sessions on metrics and related topics.

They will waive the limitations on lead presenter abstracts for this thread; conference attendees may submit program impact abstracts in addition to other abstracts they have submitted or intend to submit. ASP requests that program impact abstracts be submitted by Monday, 3 June (extending the late abstract deadline to accommodate these submissions) in order to be reviewed, accepted and included in the Meeting program.

Please note that presentation at the conference also provides an opportunity for publication in the conference proceedings, providing a permanent, citable record of the program impacts presented.

Make the most of this opportunity to communicate and celebrate the many ways that EPO makes a difference in the learning, lives, and career paths of people of all ages across the country. Submit your program impacts today!