URECAS Two-Year College Workshop Report Available

The final report from a planning workshop for a new initiative concerning two-year college student research entitled Unique Research Experiences for two-year College faculty And Students (URECAS) is now available. The workshop was held at AGU headquarters in Washington, DC July 11-13, 2012. This workshop brought together faculty from two-year colleges, four-year colleges and universities, and representatives from professional societies and federal organizations to learn more about how to support two-year college faculty and students engaged in Earth and space science research and to discuss the development of a program to strengthen the role of two-year college Earth and space science students in the future workforce.

This planning workshop was the AGU Education Department’s first step in implementing a larger program focused on engaging and retaining two-year college students in the Earth and space sciences. We thank all the participants of the workshop for their thoughtful discussions, active participation, and helpful advice which will prove invaluable as we proceed to the next steps. The AGU Education Department now looks ahead and is working to bring more two-year college students and their advisors to the AGU Fall Meeting in the near future and to foster these students’ continued work in Earth and space sciences.