Heads and Chairs

Since 1997, this forum has discussed important issues common to geophysical science departments, including research funding, program assessment, modernization of post-secondary curricula, increasing faculty diversity, and student career planning. It also holds annual workshops immediately prior to the AGU Fall Meeting and offers webinars throughout the year. This group meets jointly on a biennial basis with the Heads and Chairs of Atmospheric Sciences departments.

Mentoring-Related Resources

Mentoring is key to the success of students and early career professionals. See a Manual for Mentors and Mentees from the Institute for Broadening Participation and Entering Mentoring from The Wisconsin Program for Scientific Teaching.

Education Special Interest Group

ESIG is open to all AGU members who are interested in issues dealing with K-12, undergraduate, and graduate education as well as STEM education and outreach. The members receive monthly news updates about Fall meeting events, student opportunities, outreach activities, and national initiatives from AGU Education staff. Click here to join the ESIG listserv.

Sections & Focus Groups Education and Public Outreach

Many sections have committees or working groups that coordinate the education and public outreach activities for them. Learn more about their roles, activities, and officers below.