AGU Fall Meeting Mentoring Program

There is a lot going on at Fall Meeting. Get the inside scoop by being matched with an experienced professional at the Meeting. The Fall Meeting Mentoring Program (FMMP, formerly the Undergraduate Mentoring Program, UMP) pairs selected undergraduate students, graduate students, and post-docs with more experienced attendees to provide guidance throughout the week. FMMP mentors and mentees will meet daily throughout the meeting, fostering a strong mentoring relationship. This program is modeled after similar programs at other scientific society meetings (e.g. ESA’s SEEDS Program). Applications for 2018 Fall Meeting will open in November.


FM 15 Career Opportunities Networking LunchFMMP Mentors: Mentors can range from early-career scientists to senior scientists including AGU awardees or honorees. The most important requirements are that the mentor has attended at least one Fall Meeting before, has knowledge and experience that will be useful, and a willingness to share with the mentee. FMMP mentor applications will open in November for the 2018 Fall Meeting. Learn more here.

FMMP Mentees: The 2018 FMMP program at Fall Meeting will accept a limited number of undergraduate students, graduate students, and post-docs. Applications will be judged based on the prospective mentee’s  interest in the program. Applicants will also be reviewed to foster gender, racial, ethnic, and institutional diversity among the prospective mentees. Accepted students will then select a single mentor from a provided list, which allows students to review mentors’ personal interests and career accomplishments. FMP mentee applications will open in November for the 2018 Fall Meeting. Learn more here.

If you have questions about the mentoring program, contact us. Learn about other mentoring opportunities sponsored by AGU.