How Poster Judging works

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Poster judging will take place in two phases:

1. Peer Judging: Each lead author participating in this poster showcase is required to judge three other posters and provide a score based on the visual appeal and scientific content of the poster. Students will be expected to ask questions about the posters they are judging, but please note that students will not be assigned judge other students from the same institution or research project.  During the peer judging period, students must be available to log in to the virtual poster site.

2. Expert Judging: The second judging phase will involve experts who are scientists and faculty. The posters will be judged on scientific merit and on visual appeal. Judges will be allowed to submit comments and questions about your poster. All of their comments, questions, and your responses will be posted online but only visible to you and other judges and reviewers assigned to your poster. You must be available to log in to the virtual poster site during the expert judging period. The site will then close, and winners will be selected and announced shortly after.

Rubric for judging posters 

Tips on evaluating scientific posters

This rubric will be used by both peer judges and expert judges. Judges will be encouraged to provide constructive comments for each presentation, as well as to ask questions to each presenter.

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