Virtual Poster Showcase Judging Rubric

Rubric to Evaluate Your Poster Assignments

Students who present posters in the Virtual Poster Showcase will be evaluated in three

  1. Poster Display and Organization (40%)
    1. Overall appearance (10 pts) – The poster looks professional and is aesthetically
    2. Text/graphics balance (5 pts) – Space is used effectively, and neither text nor
      graphics dominate the poster. Figures serve a purpose (not just filling space),
      and are appropriately titled and captioned.
    3. Text size (5 pts) – The text is legible when the poster is viewed at full size.
    4. Organizational flow (5 pts) – The poster has appropriate headings and clearly
      defined sections. All of the information is provided in a logical order.
    5. Author identification (5 pts) – The author lists themselves and any co-authors,
      along with affiliations.
    6. Main points (5 pts) – The fundamental points of the study are clearly identified,
      with little redundancy of information.
    7. Summary (5 points) – Does the poster address the implications of the study?
  2. Scientific Content (50%)
    The poster has introduction and background with literature cited, objective of the study,
    materials and methods (study design), results and discussion, and significance to field.
    Quality of research will be judged on its scientific rigor and significance as conveyed by
    the poster. Poster displays must be self-explanatory. The accompanying video must
    also be able to give a high-level overview of the research that was conducted.

    1. Abstract (5 pts) – The abstract is informative and aligns with the scientific content
      of the poster. It is well-written and coherent, clearly stating the goals of the
    2. Research objective (10 pts) – What hypotheses are the poster addressing? What
      is the purpose of the study?
    3. Background (10 pts) – The poster addresses why the research was done and
      sets the context for the study.
    4. Methods/protocols (5 pts) – The poster clearly and informatively explains how the
      research was conducted. Is the study scientifically rigorous?
    5. Finding and conclusions (10 pts) – The poster clearly states the results of the
      study. The poster explains the significance of the study and why the results are
    6. Presentation style (10 pts) – The video summarizes all the parts of the poster in a
      concise and understandable manner. Does the video enhance the poster?
  3. Ability to Answer Questions (10 pts)

Use this rubric as a guide to score your assigned posters.  You can submit your scores by reviewing your assignments.