Previous Showcases

Previous Winners
Virtual Poster Showcase has been running at least two showcases per year since 2015. The winners from each year have shown exemplary research presentation skills as determined by both peers and expert judges well-versed in science communication. View winning examples of formatting posters and presenting your research by looking at our 2017 2018, and 2019  showcase winners.

Past Participants
VPS is a proud supporter of a diverse and inclusive talent pool from which to draw participants from. We have past student participants from across the United States and the world. View our past participants page for a list of all past participating universities and a map of all locations that have had participants in VPS.

Previous Abstracts
The accepted VPS abstracts are housed in a database for all AGU abstracts. Peruse the abstract database for examples of how to write a concise and effective AGU abstract.

Publications about VPS
VPS has been featured and published about frequently in AGU’s Eos magazine, which publishes Earth and Space Science news. To read the articles, follow the links below:

Students Share Their Research at Virtual Poster Showcases

Students Worldwide Share Research in Virtual Poster Showcases

Virtual Poster Showcase at 2014 AGU Fall Meeting